Hello readers,

My name is Nicola, I am 25, and I live in Essex, England with my fiancé and son. I love to write and so I have chosen to share my stories, poems, and other writing attempts with you. Not all of these excerpts of text from my mind will be complete and I understand that reading part of a story can be frustrating, but I am putting these excerpts together in a blog in the hope that I will inspire others to write too.

When I am not writing I spend time with my amazing fiancé Andrew who has truly changed my life for the better, looking after our little boy, or playing video games. I'm sure those things will bleed into my writing. I would love to write a novel one day and have it published, but of course that is much easier said than done, especially with all the distractions in the world, the biggest one being the internet.

Anyway, enough about me, time to get reading... enjoy my blog.